David Turri

Welcome to my website. I'm a writer (and a grandad), born in the UK, but a resident of Osaka for many, many years.

I have written about haunted houses and spiritual possession in "29 Argyle Drive"; child trafficking and opium smuggling in Meiji-era Kobe ("Damaged Cargoes"),; war and ghosts on the battlefield of Okinawa; black comedy called "A Pig with Three Legs". which has nothing to do with pigs and everything to do with bad jokes and a dead body that refuses to stay buried.

I have also written a novel about the Double-Cross system during WW2 ("Casket"); terrorism in Tokyo during The Occupation("Incident at The Citrus Heights") and an espionage story called "Shig".

I am (in)famous in my downtown Osaka neighborhood because I do much of my writing at night on benches in local parks, fueled by a wine or shochu. I'm friends with the beat cops and the high school delinquents.

I hope you enjoy reading the various things I hope to post here. I would love to hear from you personally.