A Warning about Messing with the Ouija Board

One reviewer described my novel 29 Argyle Drive as “a different kind of haunt. Not for the squeamish…" http://www.amazon.com/29-Argyle-Drive-David-Turri-ebook/dp/B00Q2ETTRS/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

In it, Mairin, a witch living in Christchurch, explains – or doesn’t explain – the connection between the Ouija board and the After-life in the following way.

“The After-Life is another country, alien and sometimes dangerous. When we die, we are taught to believe we go to Heaven or Hell. But it’s not that simple. Life is a journey. There are stages, which start here, while we are alive, and continue after we die.

“Most of us carry beyond death a lot of excess weight, too much baggage. What the Church calls sin. We will need to shed those extra pounds, those dense astral matter-particles before we can progress.

“The Ouija board and other types of channeling let us enter this lowest level of the astral plane.

“Think of that level as like the departure lounge for a cut-price, no-frills airline at a snowed-in airport around Christmas-time. Flights are banked up. The delays are stretching for hours. The shops and cafes are closed, so you can’t even get a coffee. The rest rooms are packed with people smoking. Tempers are frayed.

“This is the scene you walk into when you experiment with the Ouija board. You’re going to be surrounded by all kinds of these entities. Some of them will be nice and they’ll talk. A lot will ignore you. Others will be cynical and resentful. A few will be on the point already of going ballistic when you walk in.

And you can’t see them.

“You can’t make any judgment about who to steer clear of. You’re operating blind. You don’t know who it is that engages you in conversation. This is the great danger of playing with the Ouija board.”