29 Argyle Drive Review - My Hair Stood on End Several Times

The book you're about to read is one like you've never read before...

It's taken me some time to digest the book. For over a week I didn't read, didn't want to read. And then I read a naughty romance just to clear out the images this book left in my mind that kept replaying like a bad nightmare. My hair stood on end several times reading about the evil that dwells on the top of the hill at 29 Argyle Drive.

I would like to share a couple of triggers this book might evoke, but fear I would give too much away, so I'll leave it as a blanket trigger of: if you've ever been physically or mentally abused this book might draw you into that darkness again.

With that said, read at your own risk.

The storyline bounces from present, to history, to further history, as the house at 29 Argyle is revealed. Good intentions, and more good intentions, go wrong, very, very wrong. The evil that emits, as the history of the house is revealed, vibrates off the pages of this book (or your e-reader). Do not be afraid, it’s only a book, and your imagination will play the scene as only you can see it.

I give this story 5 heads of hair standing on end out of 5. The answer to your question: Why did you only give it 4 stars? , is simple. I gave it 4 stars because I live in The USA. The story is written across the world and the language/slang usage at times I needed to look up. The other reason was sometimes I had to stop and retrace my steps to recall the part of the house timeline I was on. The only thing I would recommend to the author would be to enter the date or year at the beginning of the time warp. I don't think this story could be told in any other order. Those were my only two hang-ups. Stephen King scary!! THANK YOU for the read Mr. Turri!!!! I'm still curious if the end of the book, was only the beginning of another chapter... :-)