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In 1937, Shigeru Yuasa is a low-level employee of the Japanese Embassy’s press attaché’s office in Washington. An overweight lush, a misfit estranged from his own culture and roots, Shig is a traitor ripe for the picking. And picked he is, by Lew Buscemi, with the Office of Naval Intelligence. This tale of espionage and betrayal follows their intertwined lives for the next twenty years – to the capital of the Imperial Empire, in which Shig heads an ONI spy ring through the turbulent events that lead Japan down the road to Pearl Harbor; to the desolation that was Tokyo at war’s end and into Sugamo Prison, where Shig is one of twelve hundred suspected war criminals await judgement; and to the world of the American Occupation, where he and Buscemi are drawn into a web of political intrigue, blackmail and murder.

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