A book of timeless horror.

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5.0 out of 5 starsA master work of the creepy and atmospheric

By Red Butleron March 16, 2018

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Review of 29 Argyle Drive by David Turri

Holy cow! Where do I begin to talk about the masterful storytelling here? I am shocked. What a great author this Mr. Turri truly is, this book of timeless horror offers New Zealand history that fascinates, a magnanimous creepy vibe that runs throughout, and great characters of realism, endearment and supreme sleaze of malevolence. The text is written in an astounding flow of slick ease, with grand dialogue and proper editing that pops the story in your subconscious. This one pops and crackles in all the right places, with candor and precision that makes me wish every book from now on will read this way. I have never seen 287 pages fly like this in a long time. Mr. Turri should be famous no doubt. For anyone that has ever lived in a haunted house the story will ring true, and surely this author has direct knowledge of these heinous situations. This is a profoundly impressive horror classic story. I was so impressed by the iron mind of the author as to detail of people, places and things, a man that knows research, writing, social issues, family issues, psychology and the spiritual effects of immorality on society. I am a huge fan after this remarkable story with the nuanced conclusion.



David Turri

Although I was born in England, I have lived in Japan for the past forty years. That’s why this country, its people and history, form the backdrop to many of my novels. I have no big ideas to peddle; I consider myself a simple story-teller and work hard at my craft. I spin my stories in such disparate genres as horror, espionage, war, occult - and humor. I live in Osaka with a wife, two grown daughter and two young grand-daughters – the whole catastrophe, as Zorba describes married life.